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Hooky's TAR 22 UNSPOILED Prediction Thread **NO SPOILERS ALLOWED**

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I know hardly anything about boot list, just knew firefighters would be early boot so here's prediction:

10. Caroline/Jennifer
9. Mona/Beth
8. Joey/Meghan
7: Chuck/Wynona
6: Idries/Jamil
5: Pam/Winnie
4: Max/Katie
3. David/Conor
2. Bates/Anthony
1. John/Jessica

I have a gut feeling for Max and Katie winning this thing. Dunno why.

Same feeling.


--- Quote from: Declive on February 18, 2013, 04:06:31 AM ---I have a gut feeling for Max and Katie winning this thing. Dunno why.

--- End quote ---

That's my gut feeling for Joey & Meghan! :(

So, I will confess that part of the reason I switched Bates & Anthony with Matt & Daniel at the last minute is because everyone was saying it would either be Idries & Jamil or Matt & Daniel eliminated first. I promise though that I didn't read the spoilers; I just went with what everyone else was saying! :lol3:

But now the bootlist is final and can't be changed, so we'll have to see if I can keep up good predictions from this point on.

I have the feeling that Max/Katie and Caroline/Jennifer will do that Trexie/Chippendales thing about 9th and 10th and than they will start to get good placements and reach the finals.


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