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Hooky's TAR 22 UNSPOILED Prediction Thread **NO SPOILERS ALLOWED**

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All righty, so if there is anyone else besides me who is yet unspoiled and still wants to make a completely uneducated and undoubtedly biased prediction about the season, here is the place to do it! Enjoy! :conf:

Even thought this will officially be the first time that I have not read the spoiler threads before watching a season, I would feel wholly incomplete without first being able to post my predictions in a place where someone besides myself could read them! :lol3:

Again, this is for UNSPOILED PEOPLE ONLY!!!! If you are spoiled enough to know anything about the elimination order, please do not comment. Thanks in advance!

So without further ado, here we go!

1 - Joey & Meghan
2 - Caroline & Jennifer
3 - John & Jessica
4 - Bates & Anthony
5 - Mona & Beth
6 - Pamela & Winnie
7 - Max & Katie
8 - Chuck & Wynona
9 - Idries & Jamil
10 - David & Connor
11 - Matthew & Daniel

*Note: This prediction list is subject to change without warning any time up to the actual date of the premiere (in my standard timezone, of course). At that time, it will be considered my "final" prediction for the season start. We're going to see how well I can do being completely unspoiled!

Just for fun, soon I will also post what has to say on the subject... ;)

Sorry Hooky, but I had to relocate this out of the discussion thread. :(

IMO, despite your best efforts, there is just too high of a chance that someone may let something slip, and that the "spoiled" may masquerade as the "unspoiled".

Moving it to the spoiler zone for safety, I'll hope for you that this one thread does stay unspoiled!

Don't everyone reply at once!

Everyone is probably spoiled already...oh well... :lol3:

My initial predictions of TAR 22 (I kept them somewhere when cast was revealed)
- Contains NO spoilers and I don't really rank them except divide them into tiers.

Max and Katie are also my pick to win. But somehow I just feel they are doomed for second. Or rather, I want them doomed for second. :lol3:
Max & Katie (second place for sure)
Bates & Anthony (either final three or first three teams going home)
Caroline & Jennifer (either them or Mona and Beth in final three)
David & Connor (fourth place vibes)
Joey & Meghan (seems stronger and younger)
Mona & Beth (final five or final three)
John & Jessica (just don't look strong)
Idries & Jamil (not final six for sure)
Chuck & Wynona (either eighth or ninth)
Pamela and Winnie (definitely first three teams eliminated)
Matthew & Daniel (vibes to be first eliminated)

Reilly Queens:
There were 11 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Chuck & Wynona
Joey & Meghan
Pamela & Winnie
Idries & Jamil
Caroline & Jennifer
Bates & Anthony
Mona & Beth
Max & Katie
Matthew & Daniel
David & Connor
John & Jessica
Timestamp: 2013-02-15 14:51:05 UTC


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