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TAR 22 Ep 1 "Business in the Front, Party in the Back"

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Amazing premiere, the express pass twist is amazing, add so much for the show, everyone being so strategic already.

Best team:Newlyweds: their so amazing, I feel like I was watching survivor, seryously? Convincing two teams to quit so they could outwin them? Wow! that was big. Without mention that they are super poisonous in their comments. Fav team so far <3

The entire cast was good though... The only thing that botter me was the fact that like most of premieres, this episode was too rushed.

One of the best premiers in a while <3

Definitely more memorable than last season. I can't remember even the first team eliminated from last season. Misa and Maiya? Or... Rob and Sheila? I needed to think really hard. :lol3:

Yeah guys that was Wynona.

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