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This thread will be for all related YouTube videos for  the show.  The  "Meet the cast" videos will be under their respective threads but anything else regarding BBCA can be posted here. Please be aware that some content is just not suitable for children so  take that into mind when posting videos from the show for the fans here.

 In order to post a YouTube video you want to do the following

1)Get to the preview by putting in any keystroke and hit preview then delete that keystroke

2) click the "flash" button above (1st button above the first emoticon - red with the letter f) and you want to create a space between the brackets  to make it easier to paste in the URL as so "[(flash=200,200] [/flash)]" *note* parentheses & quote marks are used only  so that the actual code will show in the demonstration here

3) you always want to change the video value in width and height to 600,400 in the first bracket (if that is too big for some of your monitors to handle put [500,300] )

4) then you want to go to the YouTube page  and make sure that the URL in the address bar has the word "watch" and the letter "v" in it. If it's a link from another page it will not be there. You can not use the short links created when the video has been shared

 so you will see this ►

5) you want to past the URL between the flash inner brackets  [*flash=200,200] "" [/flash*] (no asterisk or quotes this is only for demonstration)

6) what you want to do next is delete the word "watch" and keep the "v" and put  a forward slash "/" after the "v" and delete the "="  marks
 it will then look like this ► [*flash=600,400] [/flash*]

7) click preview button  to make sure you have everything  right and can see the video in the preview and not just the link

8) PLEASE give credit to whomever you got the video from.

Big Brother Canada: Meet Your Host!

Credit to

Get To Know Big Brother Canada Host: Arisa Cox

Credit to

Arisa Cox Dishes On What Kind Of Host She'll Be!

Credit to

Big Brother Canada houseguest AJ with Kid Craig

Credit to 999VirginRadio


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