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What do you expect from TAR 22? (plus elimination poll)

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1. What do you think of this season (based on spoilers)?
I really like the route and the most promising since season 17, but I could care less about the Vietnam leg(s). Nothing can outrace season 10's Hanoi and Ha Long Bay's perfection! :lol3:
2. What do you think of the cast?
So much personality and positive charisma on most of these teams. A pair of cancer survivors, a duo of Californian trapeze artists, mullet king and crazy **** queen, country singers, and then there are two firefighters. So many new, un-boring teams... season 19... :res:
3. Who do you will go far?
Mona & Beth, Anthony & Bates, Joey & Meghan, Maxie, and Caroline & Jennifer (Christie & Jodi-approved! :lol: )
4. Who do you think will be eliminated? I'm hoping Matt & Daniel because they seem like the most BOOOOORING! But, I would have to go with Idries & Jamil. I can not picture this season's twinnies in New Zealand or Indonesia.
5. Okay, what do you think Shemozzle racing is (be creative)?
Ride a donkey while holding a chicken and one of its eggs in your mouth, and then rubbing a gigantic kiwi slice on your forehead as a symbol of goos fortune while someone balances a bowl of sacred juice on your head. After team members arrive at a finishing point with all their stuff, they must fall to their knees taking off the sacred juice and offering the unbroken bowl of juice and chicken egg to a Maōri warrior which he will take and give your next clue! :angel:
6. 2 Express Passes, oh wow, what do you think the producers will think of next?
11 Express Passes! Yay! Thanks! Bye.

RacheLeVega Cbs should hire you to write tasks for amazing race.
Far out.


--- Quote from: couchracer on February 10, 2013, 04:29:08 PM ---RacheLeVega Cbs should hire you to write tasks for amazing race.
Far out.

--- End quote ---
I'm going to be really shocked if that is the actual task. :lol:


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