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CBS BB Recap 7/22
« on: July 23, 2004, 03:10:55 AM »

Jase's removal of Holly from the eviction block works to perfection as Marvin then puts Karen up for eviction and effectively demolishes the fledgling Will/Lori/Karen alliance. Marvin makes the understatement of the week when he talks about the Karen/Lori situation: "Karen was campaigning to keep Lori in the house. I don't think she's campaigning now." And, while Jase may have been voting with his heart, he claims it was his head. "It was a no-brainer. The numbers were bigger than the horsemen's numbers."

As always, Will wields his rapier wit, saying, "It's just another case of when bad things happen to good people." As HouseGuests gossip and plot, Will reveals what had been the glue that kept him, Karen and Lori together: "We wanted to do this as honest as we could…never sacrificing our morals or our characters." The heat begins to mount as the two one-time friends circulate in an effort to keep from getting tossed. Karen, laying the groundwork for the future, has a sit-down with Marvin asking not that he necessarily get in an alliance with her, but perhaps they should share information. This immediately sends shockwaves through the house with Scott pulling Michael and Jase aside saying maybe it's time to get rid of Marvin next week. Diane, ever ready to do anything to get Scott or Jase out of the house quickly, clues Marvin in that they may be gunning for him and a future collaboration may be in the offing. Jase admits he would put Marvin out, saying, "He shouldn't trust me as far as he can throw me."

Irony seems to be the mood of the day as we see Karen and Lori talking at the table in the backyard in front of Cowboy (Michael), dishing on what a shame it is that people are such followers. They converse openly about how sad it is that some people choose to follow the stronger people, thinking it might be to their benefit, when really they are being taken for a ride. Michael just sits and eats his salami as he listens to their conversation.

As voting time draws near Karen admits to feeling sick to her stomach while Lori, who would like to stay, seems pretty resigned to her fate.


BIG BROTHER 5 goes to Alabama to Adria and Natalie's hometown to see their family and find out just how long they've been pulling the twin switcheroo. Their mother, Joan Smith, reveals that they have been at it as long as she can remember. We see pictures of Adria and Natalie in kindergarten and up through the years. Their mother points at a photo and says, "This is the age when they were swapping boyfriends."

We then meet their husbands, who seem to be having some difficulty dealing with the more negative aspects of the game. "I just want to jump in the screen and tell them what's going on," says Adria's hubby Lenny Klein. Natalie's husband wants the switches to happen on a regular basis because he's pretty sure that over time if one or the other were to stay in the house for too long the other HouseGuests might just catch on. We see the switch is not only tough on Adria and Natalie, but the family as well. And, we watch their mother tear up as the husbands voice their love and concern for their respective spouses.


Julie gathers the HouseGuests for the Eviction ceremony; and after a moment of dramatic tension when she says, "Karen," pausing before adding, "you are safe," Julie informs the HouseGuests that Lori must gather her things and leave. Unlike last week's unanimous decision, two bucked the trend, casting their lot with Karen and allowing Lori a level of dignity as the second to leave the BIG BROTHER house.

Later, Drew captures the Head of Household in a game called High Low, wherein each HouseGuest must step up or down one step following a question posed by Julie. If they believe the answer to the question posed by Julie is a higher number, they are to step up. If they believe it to be lower, they are to step down. Following Drew's victory, Jase is exuberant, as is fellow horseman Scott. The boys are feeling like the game is theirs to win.


Despite her initial desire to leave, Lori began to show signs of wanting to stay. She and Karen share a moment sitting side by side on the chopping block prior to nomination and Karen says that if she has to be in this position, she is glad to have a friend by her side. All the taped goodbyes are pleasant save for Holly, who was insulted that Lori felt Holly should leave the game before her. But, the biggest twist yet is just around the corner, as Lori, the 26-year old yoga instructor, becomes the first HouseGuest to learn of Part Two of Project DNA--the Twin Switch.

Following all the other taped goodbyes, Julie reveals to Lori that Adria has a twin, and they have been switching in and out throughout the game. A stunned Lori is speechless and bewildered, saying that neither she nor any of the other HouseGuests were aware of this happening.

Looking back in on the house, Holly is hugging Karen with Diane in the background. Could this be foreshadowing of a new alliance? Will somebody aside from the Four Horsemen win the Power of Veto? How long can Adria and Natalie keep switching places as the numbers shrink and there is more one-on-one time for everybody? And, who will Drew nominate for eviction? Will he go with his heart or play follow the leader to a tune sung by Jase? Find out on the next episode of BIG BROTHER 5.

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Re: CBS BB Recap 7/22
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2004, 09:17:49 AM »
Sounds like a good show..  Hope they do not put up A as I want both her and Natalie in the game together.

Come on Drew Put up a guy!!