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What twist would you like to see introduced on Survivor?

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Ugh. The thing about Survivor is that it doesn't NEED any twists...the best Survivors have been when they casted interesting people and then just stepped back and let it go where it will. SURVIVOR in its original form doesn't need any twists...if the show fails, IMO, it will be because they messed with the concept TOO much!

I'd like a twist where there ARE no twists. 16 interesting/different people (all of whom are applicants), no HII's, maybe a tribe swap, merge at 10, Final 2 with a jury of 7

I have a great name for that season, Survivor: Back to Basics.

Just Bring back Exile island...

I actually do think they will do a Survivor Back To Basics very soon once they run out of ideas. With 16 new players completely and perhaps using back their VERY first location in Borneo...

NO TWISTS. But of course, Jeff doesn't tell them that there's no twists at all. Perhaps he throws them off by saying this season WILL BE very different from our past 2x seasons (except the very first)..

And each week, we have people guessing when returning players are coming, when the tribe switch is coming, when merge is coming but in fact, it doesn't happen at all and there's only a jury of 7! :lol3:


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