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TAR 22: John Erck & Jessica Hoel "Dating"

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--- Quote from: Kendall on February 24, 2013, 11:20:49 PM ---i think John will be a good Survivor cast just because he think about the whole thing 2nd EP and alliance..  :lol3:

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He thinks too much of it like relax, dude! You're on The Amazing Race, not Survivor Bora-Bora
"ow If everybody starts talking about it, the contract becomes null and void"
"If Dave and Connor got eliminated, more options for us"

Despite that, they are very solid actually

I am just curious why aren't these two as trending as Max&Katie? Like come on! They won first leg and got 3rd on Leg 2.Max&Katie hasn't even reached 7th place, yet :wink:

I really disliked the way they handled the encounter with Dave & Connor. John does seem a little too power-hungry. In my opinion, now that Dave & Connor are injured, it should be an easy decision to just give them the Express Pass and make everyone happy.

In Survivor, it's true that we can't necessarily expect such a pact to be honored, but this is The Amazing Race. It's not so much about strategy and picking who will go far and who won't. It's about who's the fastest, the strongest, and the smartest. Honoring their promise to Dave & Connor would probably be smarter in the long run, since most of the other teams probably wouldn't have a reason to take offense if they weren't picked to receive the Express Pass anyway. Better for John & Jessica to have all teams happy with them than to have even one team upset, because that one team could come back an U-turn them when it counts.

Just a thought.


He's a little creepy.

Well look at that! John did give up the Express Pass after all.


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