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TAR 22: John Erck & Jessica Hoel "Dating"

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Reilly Queens:

I don't think internationals can see this.

Yep, you're right.  :groan: :tantrum  :P

From the vid:

People kept telling them they were perfect for the race. Have been together 4 years.

Adventure junkies, experienced in scuba diving, rock climbing, surfing. She is a marathoner, has run the Boston Marathon 4 times.

He quit his corporate job to move to CA and start his own business, they understand risk taking.

They look fun to watch to me!!

They are good on my books too? I actually think they will do a Kris/Jon, Trey/Lexi race... mid pack/top pack and actually do well? :keeta:

After watching the vid I like them a lot more.


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