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TAR 22: Joey Graceffa & Meghan Camarena "Friends/YouTube Hosts"

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Guys , check our Joey & Meghan's reviews about leg 4 . Both of them included John & Jessica and they had a cool chat about the race and that leg!

They're absolutely my fav team this season! :hearts: I like positive and enthusiastic people like them (yes, BJ & Tyler were my favorites too!) They're always so excited about every location and every task. And If necessary they can be mean :meow: Final 3 for them, please!

ps. Joey is gay, I can say this as a gay person myself :)


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--- End quote ---

Meghan posted friday's last week the recap of episode 5. Here's the link:

Meghan is a talented comedienne. She is misplaced as a YouTube host.


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