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TAR 22: Joey Graceffa & Meghan Camarena "Friends/YouTube Hosts"

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--- Quote from: flair0310 on May 06, 2013, 04:25:56 PM ---Hey folks,

haven't posted in quite a while, but I felt rather strongly about this. I know Meghan and Joey had their share of supporters (including me) but I was quite surprised and rather dumbfounded by the many negative comments and (I almost want to say) hatred that they received. I actually expected not to like them, but immediately had to revise my opinion and was very fond of them by episode 3. Of course, I wasn't there personally, so don't know what might have happened off camera, but from what I saw on the race and also during their recaps (which I highly recommend) they came over as very pleasant and fun people. Just my two cents ...

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They seem like really nice people in real life, but on the show, I really didn't like their alliance and Joey's fake high-pitched voice.

I really think most of the audience liked them, but obviously those who shout loudest get to think they are the main opinion on the internet, and some of it was obviously prejudiced. 

The people on Facebook sure don't like Max & Katie either.

Then again, they don't watch the Behind the Scenes Clips, so they hardly get an accurate view of what the teams are really like. :res:

I believe some people disliked Meghan & Joey because they have a different mentality than everyone else, they're the first "hipster"-type of team on the race in the same way Kent & Vyxsin were the first team of flamboyant scenesters. Joey's over-the-topness might some people (usually over 25-ish) the wrong way, but they resonate pretty well with the younger generation (at least in the US).

I got used to it in the end.  :lol3: They are just a fun loving team and I grew to adore it eventually. So much better to watch a positive team than the moms, who were like nothing but competitive and slightly mean/evil towards the end.


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