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TAR 22: Joey Graceffa & Meghan Camarena "Friends/YouTube Hosts"

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I don't see these two as a big physical threat.

I like them too! I just watch the meet the cast video, and I must say they look funny, can't wait to see their amazing outfits and personality.

I like her, but I agree that his voice is going to be annoying.

With this team, however, I feel they will go far. Probably in a "beat-the-odds" kind of way.

A note: Sometimes when I make predictions at the beginning of a season, I have one team on the cast list that I can almost perfectly envision winning it all. Other times, I can't see any team winning, yet I know that some team had to have won. This doesn't happen every time, but some seasons it does. When I do sense a winning team strongly, I have always been exactly right (TAR 13 and 14). I must have a Race-predicting funny-bone or something. ;)

So that being said, this season I get that vibe from these two. Take it for what it's worth. We'll see how it goes though, because this time I'm unspoiled! ;)

I don't see this two as a big physical threat but their race will be the Mika and Canaan or Brent and Caite type of race with minor bickerings here and there. A plus for them if they dominate a few legs like Trey and Lexi and keep up their loving attitude.

For now, just neutral... slanting towards more like than meh.

If u think his normal voice is annoying wait till you see his old brittish man..


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