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TAR 22: Joey Graceffa & Meghan Camarena "Friends/YouTube Hosts"

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And here's also Joey's, uploaded 4 hours ago:;hl=es_

Besides Joey's voice, what annoys me the most are honestly some of their fans. (NOT the ones on RFF, though.)
Their reactions to J/M's elimination is just exactly what I expected, here are some examples: 'Amazing race is the worst show ever!' 'AR will lose millions of viewers now!' 'I will never watch amazing race again!'
And a lot of them constantly attack Max & Katie on social medias, which don't make sense to me.

If WRP is smart enough, they'll be back for a AS/UB season. I'm hopefully waiting for that to happen.

My avatar explains everything :lol:

#TeamYouTubeForever  :luvya:

I think they're really good people and OK racers BUT, their die hard fans are just  :groan:

They gave a lot of hate towards Pam/Winnie and now, they're hoping Hockey won't win, too. It also disgusts me to see tweet like: "Last episode of TAR I'm gonna watch" or "Say goodbye to half of your viewers, TAR"  :res:

I have never been so happy to see a team go home (aside from Dave/Connor  :smoke). The meltdowns their fans are having are giving me so much life right now. On the other note, I'm proud that these guys made it this far.  :)


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