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TAR 22: Caroline Cutbirth & Jennifer Kuhle "Band mate/Friends"

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I don't remember seeing much of Caroline and Jennifer's role in guiding the transportation for Bates and Anthony, but it reminds me of Tara doing the same for Chris/Alex. In both AR22 and AR2, this allowed an athletic male/male team to win in place of what might have been the helping team. I happen to see that as self-limiting (there are some other less kind words for it).

I'm pretty sure Caroline and Jennifer benefited more from Bates and Anthony in the alliance.. or it's a mutually helping one another. The only self-limiting factor would be the teams not working together to get the Hockey brothers out. But considering both accounts where there were the Double U-TURNs, Dave and Connor quit the leg and for the second one, the moms and Youtubers were so far behind, it doesn't matter whether the Hockey brothers were U-TURNed or not. I think it's Bates and Anthony race to lose this season and they didn't. :lol3:

They were better racers than I expected. They were more fun to watch as the season went on.


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