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TAR 22: David & Connor O'Leary "Father/Son Cancer Survivors"

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Glad they're out but that's ONLY because of their edit.

Other than that I guess it sucks to see them go.

Imagine they didn't choose to quit though .. they would have had to do the Bamboo Dance!

Really going to miss them...the season won't be the same without them. :'(

You can tell they are really close and supportive of one another. Reminds me of Toni & Dallas's elimination actually, only this time it is the child telling the parent it's not their fault! :hrt:

They ran the Race with pure determination despite some pretty nasty physical opposition. I think they deserve at least a little bit of respect! :P

I am finding disturbing simularities in their leg results with Art and JJ.
Leg 1:
3rd place
Leg 2:
After screwing up at beginning of detour, they were still one of the first teams to finish
Finished roadblock tied in first with another team
2nd place
Leg 3:
1st to finish detour
Finished roadblock before any other team arrives at roadblock
1st place
Leg 4:
1st place

Odd how in the first 4 legs, they had the same exact placements (3,2,1,1) and 4 other simularities.


--- Quote from: RaceUntilWeDie on March 18, 2013, 02:42:07 PM ---Glad they're out but that's ONLY because of their edit.

--- End quote ---

Same for me, I can only take so much crying and puppy dog eyes

Apparently, if your name is Connor, your partner will drag you down in this race.
Connor & Jonathan (never do a roadblock) S17
Dave (injured) & Connor S22
But I still like both teams.<3


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