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TAR 22: Chuck & Wynona McCall "Married"

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Next All Stars please <333

Chuck & Wynona :torche :torche

I'm glad they're gone.  :knuckles:

I am so proud of Wynona! She kept on going!

And these were REAL people, real reactions. I loved watching them.

Didn't love them, but didn't hate them either. The reason I'm glad they're gone is that I was always confident they'd be sitting in last place most the time and I thought the others felt safe with that (which didn't thrill me). Now, everyone pretty much needs to double the effort to not get last.

Proud of Wynona though, she gave it her all and made it this far. :<3

8 legs into the race? That's something to be proud of!

Chuck & Wynona rolled the cheese all the way down. I laughed since they seem to enjoy it. :lol:

 :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: Chuck & Wynona


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