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TAR 22: Chuck & Wynona McCall "Married"

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I love this team even more after watching the first episode :hrt:

Love them. Hope to see more of them next ep and upcoming hopefully!

This team seems to have navigation as a real strength (based on the fact that they were the first team at the airport). I was surprised by that. But I wasn't too surprised that they fell behind when things got physical. It should be interesting to see how they make up for their lack of physical prowess. And just how physical the course is from this point on could in large measure determine how far they will go.

I'm scared of Chuck's hobby, but they're so funny. Hope they can make it far; I want to see more funny remarks from them. <3

"They better have a vodka and a 7up for me after this!" :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:


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