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Still pulling for team Nigella! Love Lauren. Hope she wins. :)

The "gold stars" have gone to:


Lauren is not on that list. She is a non-culinary professional competing against culinary professionals. I believe she has no chance and will be eliminated very soon.  Uno and Mia will join her soon. Only Sarah from the non-professionals has shined.

The best is left on team Nigella! Lauren's gold star was well deserved! :luvya:

The theme of the third challenge is Sandwiches, in which the chefs must go back to the basics to prepare a winning sandwich. The teams must create one of the following classic sandwiches: the club, peanut butter and jelly, or a salad sandwich, using either tuna, chicken, or egg.  Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone, owners and chefs of Torrisi Italian Specialties, appear as guest judges to determine the winner of the Team Taste Test, and then to assist the chefs of the winning team with their dishes for the Blind Taste Test judged by the four mentors.

The Team Taste Test

The four sandwiches that were selected to compete in The Team Taste Test belonged to: Diane (Club Pork) from Team Anthony, Huda (Tangy chicken Salad) from Team Nigella, Gregg (Tuna and Bone Marrow) from Team Ludo, and Khristianne (Liver and chicken Salad) from Team Malarkey.

Rich and Mario selected Gregg’s Tuna and Bone Marrow Sandwich as the winning dish of the Team Taste Test. Gregg won immunity and Rich and Mario joined Ludo’s winning kitchen to advise the chefs on their dishes for the Blind Taste Test.

The Blind Taste Test

The mentors sent home Huda from Team Nigella and Mia from Team Anthony. In Huda's case several prior low placements were probably contributing factors despite her victory within her team in the Team Taste Test. That meant that Diane, who had excellent prior placements, survived.  Gregg was warned that he would not have survived without the immunity.

The mentors awarded gold stars to the following chef’s recipes:

Lauren from Team Nigella: Lulu Kebab

Ninamarie from Team Anthony: Beef Carpaccio Tartar

Jeff from Team Malarkey: Jeff earned two stars this week – one from Ludo and one from Malarkey

Holy cows. Lauren is so lucky she has Nigella. :) Gregg is lucky he has immunity. I feel like Ludo is channelling his inner Gordon Ramsay... I really don't like him. While he's yelling at his team members, there's Nigella being calm and helping Lauren. Nigella is great.

Totally biased, but I'm still rooting for Lauren to win.

& lol at the sexual tension between Ludo and Sarah... awkwardddd


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