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The Taste

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Gosh. The editing and just the comments in general were so misleading! :lol3:

The Taste, Finale

This episode began with 3 professional chefs and one home cook, but one was to be eliminated before the final cooking project happened. Restauranteur Jose Andres was the Guest Judge. His specialty is tapas, so the 4 had one hour to cook their best 3 spoons of tapas using the ingredients mozzarella cheese, spot prawns and Spanish jambon. The offerings were:

Diane 1 – spot prawn with basil puree and tomato caviar
Diane 2 – mozzarella with mint and walnut accents
Diane 3 – Iberico ham with quail egg and caviar

Khristianne 1 - mozzarella with balsamic grapes, almonds and fried basil
Khristianne 2 - Iberico ham with caviar, quail egg, tomato sauce and crispy bread
Khristianne 3 - spot prawn with chimichurri sauce, tomato and blood orange

Sarah 1 - mozzarella mousse with tomato confit & pesto bread
Sarah 2 - Iberico ham with a cheese stuffed date
Sarah 3 - spot prawn with chorizo and orange cream sauce

Gregg 1 - mozzarella with roasted red peppers, preserved lemon, and almonds
Gregg 2 - spot prawn with caviar and potato chip
Gregg 3 - Iberico ham with poached quail egg and ham chip

During the cooking Ludo basically took over preparation of Sarah’s dishes and Gregg kept him at arm’s length. Andres tastes all the spoons blind (without knowing who made them) and decided that Gregg was the 4th place finisher and out of the competition. Andres then became the consultant to each of the other 3 finalists as they cooked anything they chose for 2 hours:

Diane 1 – Sea urchin with butter mousse, lobster and caviar
Diane 2 – Seared scallops with quail egg and daikon salad
Diane 3 – Halibut with mushrooms, bok choy, lobster sauce

Khristianne 1 – Peking duck with chive pancake, pear and radish slaw
Khristianne 2 – Seafood bouillabaisse with sea bass
Khristianne 3 – Braised short ribs with bok choy, mushrooms, squash puree

Sarah 1 – Arctic char with fingerling potatoes, mushrooms and jalapeno salad
Sarah 2 – Seared duck breast with braised fennel and red wine sauce
Sarah 3 - Beef tenderloin with creamy shallot confit

Sarah admitted that her food style was much simpler than her competitors, but she hoped that the better execution this permitted might win.  Note that all 3 of Diane’s dishes were seafood. Also note that Khristianne offered a balanced menu of fowl, seafood and meat.

The 4 mentors blind tasted and voted for their best and least favored. Those votes determined the finishing places of the 3 competitors. They were:

Sarah - #3
Diane - #2
Khristianne - #1 and winning the $100,000 prize, FORD C-max hybrid and Taste trophy

Khristianne was the front-runner throughout the earlier episodes of The Taste, so I thought that was fair. I believe that the mentors could easily deduce whose food they were tasting by the style and they wanted to reward Khristianne for her excellent season.

I have watched the first season of The Taste. It leaves me hungry for more, as Anthony Bourdain would say. It's not as classy as Top Chef, but it's more classy than Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen. I will watch The Taste when a second season occurs and recommend it to you.

I happened to watch last night's Millionaire Matchmaker preview of next week's show. It features chef Khristianne as a lesbian on the market for another lesbian.  It's quite a jump from winning $100,000 on the Taste to being a millionairess.


--- Quote from: Polaroid on March 12, 2013, 10:19:35 PM ---Gosh. The editing and just the comments in general were so misleading! :lol3:

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ikr. i had absolutely no thought in my mind that Greg would be knocked out in the final 4. that was shocking


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