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TAR 22: Anthony & Bates Battaglia "Brothers"

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We were fortunate to see a little more of them on this last episode. They seem to be emerging as the dominant team in the Race, and I'm starting to get Eric & Jeremy vibes from them now. But at the same time, I like them a little more now!

"Even with our brains, two is better than one."
"I need rope to floss my teeth."
I love these guys  :hearts:

Call me insane, but Bates looks like Peyton Manning.  :stare

They're neutral, but there's nothing bad about them. Just under-edited.

They obviously got lost or something on the way to the Pit Stop (Bates's shocked reaction at #4)..

One of my favorite teams this season! :hearts: Sadly, they seem to have bad taxi luck  :'(


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