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TAR 22: Mona Egender & Beth Bandimere "Roller Derby Moms/Friends"

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Yea, similar to what OO said. Nothing wrong with that... but it made them really shady... as if everything they do for others need to be repaid in terms of favour. They gave me the vibes that they felt they should still be in the race because they not only led Bates and Anthony there but also because they helped them previously before during the leg. I may be thinking too much here... but it felt that way for me during their confessions AND from their facial expressions. :(

I just understand they may be disappointed about helping a team that in the end (they also led them to the Pitstop) passed them in the very last second. Just think it that way, I help you and you knock me out of the race. I wouldn't be glad about that. I don't think they helped them knowing the favour would be given back, definitely.

I second David.'s thoughts. I don't think they're too competitive or negative either. I think they're realistic. Bates & Anthony are probably the strongest team left and nobody else is really doing anything about it...

I'm with Joab on this one. Too cutthroat for me. The fact that they criticized Carol and Jennifer's friendship with Bates and Anthony really furrowed my brow. It's fine to have friendships with strong teams, even though it can be potentially risky. Besides, it's not like the girls are friends with a shady team or flat out jerks.

And the girls know that they need to play the game and everything too. They did leave the boys behind when they needed to.


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