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TAR 22: Mona Egender & Beth Bandimere "Roller Derby Moms/Friends"

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yah i thought hey would be either funny, strong but no... not even evil....

Nicest team remaining like really.  :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt:

These moms may be a tad too competitive and negative for me.

They told Bates and Anthony where the clue box was... But ended with "they better return us the favour". That downplay the whole helping incident for me. :(

I don't see it as competitive and negative. Just karma, IMHO. They deserve something good if they helped another team.

I always think you either help someone or you don't. But don't expect them to return the favor if you do help them, nobody owes you anything.


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