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TAR 22: Mona Egender & Beth Bandimere "Roller Derby Moms/Friends"

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They finally get some screentime by being second-to-last and in a close finish :lol:

Still don't like-like them. Just neutral.

I loved their bickering this week and I don't know why :lol:


--- Quote from: BlooperGuy on March 20, 2013, 03:30:02 PM ---There's something I really, really, don't like about this team, although I have no idea why.  :umn:

--- End quote ---
Well, I'd say exactly the same.
Actually, I think it's the first FF team I'm not liking. I ALWAYS root for FF teams, dunno why :?

LOVE THEM!!!  :hearts:

This team is completely invisible. I really want to  love this team, but they didn't do something memorable and amazing yet. Hope they will shine as the race continues.


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