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TAR 22: Mona Egender & Beth Bandimere "Roller Derby Moms/Friends"

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I'm liking these two! They seem like a very solid blend of athleticism and experience and well-traveled-ness. They could be Nat/Kat 2.0!

These two seem really good <3 One of my top three favourite teams of the season ATM.

Does anyone else see the resemblance between the one on the right and Emilia?

LOL @ this being Zpoler's favourite team.

Mona's voice seriously sounds like Meghan's from TAR15 lol. Looks like a good team though <3

My pre-season prediction: They will win the amazing race. They are tough due to roller derby, patient due to being moms, and hopefully femine, they have so many all-around traits.

OMG OMG!! This is remind of me Lucy and Emilia! They are my pre favorite teams!


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