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TAR 22: Max & Katie Bichler "Newlyweds"

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I still don't like them, but some those people are really just crazy, lol

Go win The Amazing Race, Max & Katie! :hearts:

Max and Katie won the best prizes this season (of course except the million dollars yet). Them winning 2 legs with 2 cars and $20,000 is like.. they already won 1/10 of the million WTF?

Their prize may be even 5 times more worthy than all the prizes which Bates and Anthony have won. :lol3:

The last time a team which didn't win and going home with really good prizes are the Bransens. My goodness, OIL FOR LIFE, loads of cash and cars for every member I think. I believe somebody calculated and predicted that the Bransens went home with about $400,000 worth of cash and prizes from the race. :lol3:

Zev & Justin got 3 trips and 2 cars.

Andy & Tommy also got 4 trips , 2 cars and money.

Bates and Anthony won 3 trips, so that is really good


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