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TAR 22: Idries & Jamil Abdur-Rahman "Twin OB/GYN's"

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Hmm. Not getting a lot out of these guys. They don't seem particularly athletic or flamboyant or anything like that. I'm smelling Leg 3 or 4 boot ala Gary+Will.

These guys don't actually look that bad. I quite like them, at the moment.


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on January 23, 2013, 08:27:27 AM ---What famous person reminds you of yourself? George W. Bush, deceptively capable.
What famous person reminds you of your teammate? Barack Obama, obviously capable.

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They seam a bit bland but I will make a fair juggment when the show airs.

I agree with IvarG they will get a early boot.

these guys seem like they'll be nice guys and do very well


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