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'Amazing Race': Idries and Jamil on Whether They Should Have Taken the Penalty
by Kimberly Nordyke

The twin doctors talk with THR about their struggles with the challenge and why they didn't do the other detour sooner.
Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman

The water challenge proved to be the downfall for The Amazing Race competitors Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman in Sunday night's episode.

The Chicago-based brothers, 35, were eliminated in the second leg of the CBS reality competition's 22th cycle. The leg included a detour that called for the teams to harvest pearls from oysters or dive to the ocean floor to collect a trunk and use the contents inside to construct an underwater picnic table.

Idries and Jamil, who initially chose the pearl harvesting, admitted that water challenges were not their strong suit and even debated taking a penalty and forgoing the challenge. Instead, they eventually gave up on the pearls and decided to take a try at the treasure chests. While they found that much easier, they had lost too much time and came in last place.

On Monday, the duo talked with The Hollywood Reporter about their struggles with the challenges and whether they should have taken the penalty.

The Hollywood Reporter: It looked like you debated taking the penalty for some time [Idries didn't want to, while Jamil did]. How long were actually talking about it?
Idries Abdur-Rahman: It wasn't too long. It took at the most maybe five minutes. It was a quick back and forth and then we decided, "Let's get going."

Jamil Abdur-Rahman: We spent more time after we decided to do [the challenge] just getting in the water and doing it.

THR: Why did you want to take the penalty so badly, Jamil?
Jamil: My concern was I just didn't know if [the challenge] was something we were capable of doing, and we didn't want to spend a couple of hours doing something and realizing we couldn't do it and then having to take the penalty. I would be better to recognize our limitations right away. I didn't think about the fact that we could just do the other detour at that time.

THR: It looked like the other detour ended up being a lot easier for you.
Idries: It definitely was a lot easier for us. In retrospect, we'd do that one over again.

Jamil: And I think if we had taken the penalty, we'd have been further behind than we ended up being, so I'm not sure that would have been the best approach. Moving on to the other detour would have definitely been to our advantage.

THR: When did you finally get the idea to do the other detour?
Idries: We had [opened all the oysters] but only found one red pearl. We realized we must have dropped the other one [the teams needed to find two to get their next clue and move on] and then realized we could do the other detour.

THR: Would you go back on The Amazing Race if asked?
Jamil: We would do it again in a heartbeat. For the first 24 to 48 hours after we got home, that's all I was thinking about.

Idries: [We're moving, so] I didn't even unpack my bag, and I told my mom I was going to leave it packed so one day I could do it again and redeem myself.

Here is a message from Idries to all fans and non-fans alike: :tup:

--- Quote ---
I know that there are lots of comments in the cyber-world about Jamil and I and our time on The Amazing Race and in Bora Bora and thatís cool, neither of us expected anything less. Of course a lot of the comments are negative and again thatís not unexpected. There are some people that are going to say negative things no matter what and thatís okay but for the others Iím going to say this.

Jamil and I are getting flamed because people think that we should never have gone on The Amazing Race if we did not know how to swim. The argument being that if there is something that you canít do or something that you are afraid of, why even go on the show? I will agree that neither of us like the water and that neither of us are the best swimmers. I donít see having a fear of ANYTHING as being a valid reason for not going on The Amazing Race or for attempting to realize any dream in life. Everyone has a fear of something be it water, heights, the dark, insects, tights spaces, etcÖ Humans have fears, thatís just a fact of life. A fear is strictly an emotion, strictly a feeling until you decide to let it dictate your behavior, until you let it dictate what you do and do not do in life. Once you give it that much power then all bets are off and it starts to control and limit your life. Those who think you should not live your life because of fears are going to miss out on a lot of life and they are going to set a pathetic example for their children or for anyone else who may be looking up to them.

Jamil and I can swim (and we did swim), but we both have a fear of open, deep water. We took refresher swimming lessons before leaving for the race but that does not eradicate your fear. I would never let a fear of deep water keep me from doing The Amazing Race or from doing anything else in my life that I wanted to do. Fears will not dictate my life. Between you and me, I also have a fear of heights, spiders as well as a bit of claustrophobia. To face my fear of heights Iíve decided to go skydiving twice, to face my fear of spiders I kept a Tarantula as a pet and while Iíd like to face my fear of closed in places I have no intention of living in a closet anytime soon (but if I had to face that fear I would as well). Iím not an expert swimmer and probably never will be but that would not stop me from doing The Amazing Race again, from going snorkeling or from doing anything else in life that I want to do. Life is about facing your fears. We faced ours then and I will continue to face mine every opportunity that I have. Those that took that message from our trials and tribulations in the water great, those who want to continue to criticize us because we have fears of the water go ahead. But in the end, I hope that everyone who reads this or saw us on TV (supporter or otherwise) when faced with one of their fears, they will face it and overcome it. Criticize us if you will but we faced our fears and we faced them on national TV no less and Iím proud of the fact that we faced our fears head on and we finished our task.

--- End quote ---

The Amazing Race 22: Exclusive Interview with Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman
Posted on 02/26/2013 by Gina in The Amazing Race and Cast Interviews 

by Gina Scarpa

Note to self: If I'm ever cast on The Amazing Race, don't tell the crew anything I am afraid of or wouldn't want to do because you know it's going to pop up in a Detour or Road Block somewhere along the way. Idries and Jamil made it clear that they weren't comfortable in open water and in the second leg, they faced a Detour in the waters of Bora Bora that cost them the race. Despite struggling with an underwater Detour, they finished all the tasks along the leg and checked in at the pit stop, where Phil let them know that they were eliminated. We talked to the twin doctors in an exclusive interview about not only facing their fear of water but of leaving the race way before they ever hoped.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Which one of you wanted to be on The Amazing Race more?
A. Idries: You know it's funny. I've been a fan literally since season 1. I loved every episode, every season. Jamil would watch sometimes, he'd start and stop. I've always wanted to apply but I wasn't sure, "Do I do it with my wife? Do I do it with my brother?" Finishing medical school, starting a job, having a baby - there was just never a right time to apply until now.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Idries, how did you decide on running the race with Jamil as opposed to your wife or someone else?
A. Idries: My wife and I always talked about it and she thought I'd have a better chance with my brother. She said, "You guys work together well and can do this!"


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Obviously, you guys were not comfortable with the water. Knowing that, did you do any preparation before going onto The Amazing Race?
A. Idries: Yeah, I can swim. I do swim. But knowing we'd probably have to do something in the water, and not being super comfortable with it, I took some swimming classes at the Y.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: We saw in the first episode that an alliance was forming between several teams and I was wondering, is that a good idea so early on?
A. Idries: In some ways, I think that forming an alliance on the first leg is too early because you haven't had time to feel people out. On the other hand, that's the time to do it. We really weren't sure if we were ever going to form an alliance. The reason we did and the reason we did so early was because the opportunity presented itself.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Of the teams in your alliance, who did you feel you could trust the most?
A. Idries: I would've said Pam and Winnie, or Dave and Connor. Dave is like a father figure, so I didn't think he'd stab us in the back. Pam and Winnie, we told them our real professions on day one and they didn't tell anyone.
A. Jamil: Those are the two main teams, but I found them all trustworthy.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: It was interesting to see teams abandon the Road Block in that first leg and it didn't seem like a good idea, given the penalty associated with it. What was your take on it?
A. Idries: I thought that was still a mistake. Even in the second leg, when Jamil wanted to take the penalty, I was just opposed to doing it.
A. Jamil: I almost look at it the opposite way. If you think about it, there were 400 sandcastles. Do the math, you could be out there forever! You realize there's only 3 clues left, you can see it. I don't know that I would've done it because you don't know what's coming next or what you're getting yourself into. But I could see it.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Do you know how long the two of you were at the Detour in the second leg?
A. Idries: We don't know for sure but we're guesstimating 2-3 hours.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: It was great to see you both finish each task on the leg, even though you knew you were far behind. Was there any discussion about whether or not to continue on or throw in the towel?
A. Jamil: We didn't have a conversation about it at all. We both knew that there wouldn't be a circumstance where you could voluntarily give up. You don't want your family, your patients, the world seeing you like that.
A. Idries: I would drag him across that finish line if I had to!


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: When you arrived at the mat, you had to know it probably wasn't a non-elimination leg being how early it was in the race but you can't help but be hopeful...
A. Idries: I was 99.9% sure that it was going to be an elimination leg but of course, like you said, you're holding out hope. Of course, it's disappointing. You see your preparation go up in smoke so it's devastating in the moment, but I wasn't surprised. I will survive!


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Did being on the show inspire you to travel to new places?
A. Idries: I mean, I love to travel anyway! I thought about Bora Bora but the sting is a little too raw right now. Our anniversary is coming in May and we decided on the Maldives, and we saw that one the show.
A. Jamil: I don't know that it inspired me to go to Bora Bora, but I did take away things from the entire process. When we ran to the mat, I was getting a little emotional. People were asking if I was crying because I had lost. What had happened was while I was struggling on the stilts, I had said, "There's no way I am giving up!" I was hot, tired, and my feet were cut up. I thought of my grandparents who helped raise me and I said, "Please help me!" It was hot! And all of a sudden, there was a breeze and I just knew. I did it! I felt like something extraordinary had happened out there.

I think we can't call Jamil & Idries's elimination SAD...


--- Quote from: Declive on March 02, 2013, 11:29:06 PM ---I think we can't call Jamil & Idries's elimination SAD...

--- End quote ---

AT ALL. A TAR fan can never say "Let's quit the Detour and take the penalty" even without trying. I think it is better for us watchers to have them eliminated in French Polinesia.


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