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TAR 22: Idries & Jamil Abdur-Rahman "Twin OB/GYN's"

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Some media on these guys, and the Battaglia brothers, from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Brothers set to compete on new season of ‘The Amazing Race’

BY LORI RACKL TV Critic/ January 24, 2013 2:48PM
A couple of hockey players from Addison and a pair of twin doctors from Chicago are among 11 teams competing this season in “The Amazing Race.”

Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman are 36-year-old twins who both work as obstetrician-gynecologists. The physicians grew up in Hyde Park and have a practice together at Women’s Healthcare Partners of Illinois in Ottawa.

Another set of brothers competing for the $1 million prize hail from west suburban Addison. Bates Battaglia, 36, is a former professional hockey player for the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs. His younger brother Anthony, 33, plays hockey for the minor league Huntsville Havoc in Alabama.

The 22nd season of the CBS reality show kicks off Feb. 17 on WBBM-Channel 2.


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Too funny. But I think their edit will go towards bland and boring. Just a feeling. :umn:

TV promo! Thanks TL!!

I don't know why but I didn't like them in the first episode. It's like they thought they were gonna get the Express Pass(es) or something..

all they did was whine - suck it up princesses you're on the amazing race for crying out loud


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