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The Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars

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--- Quote from: TexasLady on March 04, 2013, 06:12:40 AM ---Dad gum it!  I missed the premiere! I can watch it on Friday when they replay it. (CNBC?)

And Omarosa is back?   :groan:

--- End quote ---

Looks like you can watch the replays on CNBC

Wed 9pm & 12midnight EST

Or if your provider happens to have NBC on Demand you can watch it anytime.

Or you can watch it on the website, as well.

Thanks Howie!  :hoot: :hoot:

Omarosa is even more evil and conniving than before. (And why she's on the show!) :lol3:

Let's be honest. La Toya Jackson's right. I doubt there would be any way that Trump would fire Omarosa. :res: Especially this early.

Apparently Omarosa is planning on suing La Toya... lol.


Exactly right. Omarosa has never progressed past the midway point of any Apprentice or Celebrity Apprentice season she has been on, but she has never gone out early either. Donald Trump knows that she appreciates why she is on a season and produces accordingly.

And welcome to the Omarosa School of Overacting in the Boardroom.


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