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The Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars

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Here's a recap on Celebrity Aprentice:

1) Trace Adkins - Praise (Pretty average guy)
2) Stephen Baldwin - Praise (All of the Baldwins are cool)
3) Gary Busey - Praise (Just because he makes me laugh)
4) Penn Jilette - Praise (Unbelievably smart guy)
5) Lil Jon - Praisee (Just because he gets krunk ha ha)
6) Bret Michaels - Bash (What's with wearing hats all the time?)
7) Dennis Rodman - Bash (Good basketball player, but he's a freak)
8 ) Dee Snider - Bash (Never liked his music)
9) Marilu Henner - Praise (I just think she is awesome and a sharp cookie)
10) LaToya Jackson - Bash (She is clueless most of the time)
11) Claudia Jordan - Bash (Not very smart but looks good ha ha)
12) Omarosa - Praise (She ads drama and excitement to the show)
13) Lisa Rinna - Praise (Just because she is the Lifetime Movie Queen!!!!)
14) Brande Roderick - Praise (Well.... must I really say why)


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