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The Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars

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I thought Trace would win, it was clear a few weeks ago who would be the final 2. I feel bad for Penn though, he did a great job!

Congratulations to both!  :conf: :conf: :conf: :conf:


Trace and Penn both earned it. Trace's Nashville money topped Penn's Las Vegas money for the difference maker, with Tim Teebow's faked down-to-the-wire appearance was a bid absurd (and cancelled by Penn's ice cream prize money from Walgreen's).

I think Trump needs to bring Amerosa back to shake things up a bit. )-**


--- Quote from: praiseorbash on June 16, 2013, 02:26:03 AM ---I think Trump needs to bring Amerosa back to shake things up a bit. )-**

--- End quote ---
That's one thing she's good at...shaking things up !!  :knuckles:
I hated her the other times, but must admit she was actually somewhat entertaining last season.  She sure stirred up things at the Finale!! :o

Oh, and :welcome2: to RFF, praiseorbash!  Thanks for jumping right in & posting your thoughts!  :yess:

She sure did. And I have absolutely no idea why Dennis Rodman was even invited to join the show. It had to have been to boost ratings because the guy is a freak show sometimes ha ha. Heck of a basketball player though.


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