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--- Quote from: TARFansurvivor on April 03, 2013, 12:38:13 PM ---So happy that Omarosa is gonne, please never ever bring her back!!!! :conf: :conf: :conf: :conf:

--- End quote ---

We need her in Survivor :lol: jk

I actually kinda like and dislike Omarosa at the same time!  :inocent:

I hope Dennis goes next. He doesn't seem to do much and is quite boring.


Melania? Milania?  blahblah

It was Stephen Baldwin vs. Gary Busey in the final Boardroom. Stephen was fired despite having done a very good job, which Gary did too.

I wish it had been Busey... maybe next week.  :yess:

I thought he really made some stupid remarks in last night's episode but the juvenile adventure events from Team Power were so silly he was safe. It was a tough challenge though.


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