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The Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars

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Reilly Queens:

Brande Roderick         
Bret Michaels         
Claudia Jordan         
Dee Snider         
Dennis Rodman         
Gary Busey         
La Toya Jackson         
Lil Jon         
Lisa Rinna         
Marilu Henner         
Penn Jillette         
Stephen Baldwin         
Trace Adkins

Marilu <3
Claudia <3

You have Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins for legitimate contenders and Omarosa for suspense (how far she will get this time). Other than those, there is nothing All-Star about this group of competitors in my opinion. Trump is losing his ability to field a good cast.

The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice premieres tonight at 9pm eastern on NBC.

Your returning All-Stars are:

1) Trace Adkins
2) Stephen Baldwin
3) Gary Busey
4) Penn Jilette
5) Lil Jon
6) Bret Michaels
7) Dennis Rodman
8 ) Dee Snider
9) Marilu Henner
10) LaToya Jackson
11) Claudia Jordan
12) Omarosa (Yes that Omarosa) LOL!
13) Lisa Rinna
14) Brande Roderick

Host & Advisors:

1) Donald Trump
2) Don Trump, Jr.
3) Ivanka Trump
4) Eric Trump
5) Arsenio Hall
6) Joan Rivers
7) Piers Morgan
8 ) John Rich
9) George Ross

Dad gum it!  I missed the premiere! I can watch it on Friday when they replay it. (CNBC?)

And Omarosa is back?   :groan:


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