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American Idol... should stop while people remember the good. It's going so bad and downhill. :res:

I watched the first 15 minutes. I couldn't get through it. Somebody, when you see good auditions, please just tell me or post it here and I'll see it.

Never liked AI auditions anyway. :res:

I can only hope it gets better.   :umn:

Mariah can't get pass her DIVA status.

Nicki Manaj can't get pass her childishness.

Randy Jackson is just a boring mess after 12 seasons. Yo dawg, whatsup dawg, you got it to win it dawg, you are boring dawg. I think no dawg.

The only one I think is decent is Keith Urban... but one fresh judge out of 3 hot mess... :gaah:

i'm probably gonna sound bias or whatever but imo its been the most entertaining ever. the way the judges interact with each other and the contestants is hilarious. I thought I would hate Mariah but I love her. cant wait for the big fight <3


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