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The last time I saw an episode was during season 9, so I haven't been exposed to all the new judges. I'll have to catch an episode and see if I like it.

No memorable voices this season? :oh

A few girls that are good but no one stands out like WOW! for me.  :umn:

I was looking up sports bet (a betting website) and I found a bet you all might be interested in. Which judge will leave American Idol 1st. Nicki or Mariah?

The favourite is Nicki with $1.65 while Mariah is at $2.30.

This is for the first to leave by being fired by the producers or by quitting voluntarily. In the (unlikely) event that both judges don't leave by the end of the season all bets are void. 

Source : http://www.sportsbet.com.au/betting/tv-specials-abroad?LeftNav

none of them will be fired/quitting before the end thats stupid

anyway i watched episode 3 yesterday and it was so good, the contestants were really good or really funny, the judges were still great and i like them all.


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