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Reilly Queens:
Omg this still airs? I stopped watching like after Taylor beat McPhee :x


--- Quote from: Kandace on January 20, 2013, 02:00:50 AM ---Omg this still airs? I stopped watching like after Taylor beat McPhee :x

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That was one of the worst outcome ever. Taylor ew... McPhee was robbed.


--- Quote from: ДussieBabe on January 20, 2013, 02:00:43 AM ---i'm probably gonna sound bias or whatever but imo its been the most entertaining ever. the way the judges interact with each other and the contestants is hilarious. I thought I would hate Mariah but I love her. cant wait for the big fight <3

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There are certain people who like drama and such (think, racer :lol3:) but I really really just want to watch a decent singing programme and contest, but seems like AI hasn't been fulfilling that simple wish for years. The last decent winner, dates back all the way to Season 7 where David Cook won. And the last successful winner in the long time, was Carrie Underwood.

Honestly, auditions rounds are just a bore to me.Seeing people after people for 1 hour is boring and the judges sometimes are giving the exact came advice to everybody.So I just skip until the live shows where they filter the best of the best for this year.So I don't think I am fit to judge the current season but it does not look very exciting to me.(For the past few years, it ha always been like that.)

The last time I saw an episode was during season 9, so I haven't been exposed to all the new judges. I'll have to catch an episode and see if I like it.


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