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retard boi:
Mako entertainment revealed three teams that are competing this season.
The Mother/Daughter team Debbie and Dana were spotted in France and the final six Yield sign in Vegas, the other two teams appear to be early boots.

Final Six:
1.   Coral Gemer and Romy Gemer - sisters. Romy is about 18 years old (high school) and Coral used to date Tom Kashty who raced in season-2
2.   Eliran Look & David Guedj friends
3.   Debby Baruch & Dana Dahari Mother and Daughter
4.   Talia and Kobi ??, they seem to be a married and religious
5.   ELiran & Itzik - ??
6.   Maayan & Bat-El - ??

Other teams:
7.   Shimi Edri & Yasmin Nagorni Engaged to be married, last spotted in Spain/Sevilla
8.   Ronit Shavit & Liran Cohen friends
9.   Mor & Lior - Married + 2 kids, last spotted in Spain
10.   Andrea & Roni - Married, seniors
11.   ??

Jai Ho:
Just pure speculation, but...

Could Bat-El of Ma'ayan/Bat-El possibly be Bat-El Jobi? She represented Israel a few years ago at Miss Universe. Being that we've already seen a team of Miss Israels (Liran and Elena, season 1) plus an actual Miss Universe (Natalie Glebova in TARA) as contestants, I wouldn't put it past the Israeli casting agents to cast another beauty queen.

Most of the names were found by checking new friendships in the facebook.
None of the confirmed contesters is a friend of Bat el Jobi.
There is one Bat-el who might be connected but it's not confirmed - BATEL MUSAI

+ another article of the teams:

Jai Ho:
Teams are officially up:


Dana & Debbie (F/F)
Ma'Ayan & Bat-El (F/F)
Andrea & Roni (M/F)
Lior & Mor (M/F)
Eliran & Itzik (M/M)
David & Eliran (M/M)
Talia & Kobi (M/F)
Liron & Ronit (M/F)
Romy & Coral (F/F)
Shimi & Yasmin (M/F)
Khirut & Yoftit (F/F)


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