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--- Quote from: georgiapeach on February 02, 2013, 09:40:54 PM ---Where is the LUKE? ???

--- End quote ---
I wouldn't search for "luke" it's not an Israeli name or a nickname

Jai Ho:
Ran, you're most probably right. We have seen "unofficial" nicknames/honorifics used like Tom calling Gil "Pitzi," and Annael calling Akiva "Shushi," (among others), but I can't think of a single Israeli name where Luke would be a nickname.

Perhaps it was production, she did say crew!



Crazy israeli girl skyjump in amazingrace in lasvegas

Filming finished yesterday (4 Feb)
Most likely that the last 2-3 legs with the finalists (3-4 teams) will be filmmed just before the end of the show.
It's the Israeli way to keep the name of the winners, confidential from spoilers.


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