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--- Quote from: ZouLy on January 15, 2013, 04:02:37 PM ---
--- Quote from: Declive on January 15, 2013, 03:59:36 PM ---The host is alone. Not good.

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this is what I'm concern too! it could be an early elimination point.. just like they did in their previous seasons  :ascared

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Not only missing greeter. But no camera/sound?  :ascared
Pitstoptesters?  :colors

Reilly Queens:
There's camera crews in the bg(on the side) so they could have checked in prior.

Have to give you that.

Best Loser:
I know they've been casting for a while (in fact, I know some fans were complaining that there was a rather large application fee), so it wouldn't surprise me if it started already. Last season had a half-leg in Israel, so having a checkpoint here would be fitting. The question is, Where could the starting line have been for this to somewhat be on the way to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv?

I ran across a sighting in Madrid two days ago (two tweets) and I assume it's TAR Israel, since I'm not aware of any other version filming. The people tweeting didn't report which version it was or even where they saw them except that it was at a hotel. I've asked which hotel this was at. Hopefully, I'll get a reply.

Jase ‏@Jase11
The Amazing Race is or will be in Madrid now. Found clue box, detour sign, & staff all over my hotel. Heard some talking about detour.
2:08 PM Pacific Standard Time - 16 Jan 13

Daniel Téllez Daniel Téllez ‏@dtellez
Y enterarme ahora que The Amazing Race pasó ayer por Madrid, junto a mi casa. Lo que hubiese dado por fotografiarme junto a la clue box!
12:27 AM Pacific Standard Time - 18 Jan 13

Translated via Google:
And now hear that The Amazing Race happened yesterday in Madrid, next to my house. What I had taken for my picture next to the clue box!

@dtellez also retweeted the above tweet from @Jase11.


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