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Haven't heard any recent news about the renewal of the third season from Israeli franchise, usually Plaidmoon or WP always came up with some articles or tweets about the beginning of a new installment of these kind of versions...

Having said that, today I discovered a sighting in Israel ground about 7 hours ago, exactly at the theater in Caesarea, it looks to be a Pit Stop, but if it's indeed their third season, could it be their first pit stop inside their own country? or is it another franchise of TAR having a visit there ???

anyway, I leave the rest for you guys to analyze deeper, I have scoured the TAR Israel season 1 & 2 and couldn't find any explanation about this location.

If it's happen to be another version of TAR, I'd ask the mods to please move this post to the correct thread,

Cheers! ;D


They were filming Israeli Amazing Race in the theater in Caesarea...

Google maps detection :

ZBC Company:
mmmmh norway it look like norway

The host is alone. Not good.


--- Quote from: Declive on January 15, 2013, 03:59:36 PM ---The host is alone. Not good.

--- End quote ---

this is what I'm concern too! it could be an early elimination point.. just like they did in their previous seasons  :ascared


courtesy of wikipedia. If applications were due Dec 31 that could be the filming of leg 1 maybe they stay in Israel for Leg 1


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