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Foreshadowing in The Amazing Race

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--- Quote from: SamualDude on January 15, 2013, 01:08:42 AM ---At the head shaving fast forward in season 7 on the information plaque it said that shaving of your head is to show gratitude for great fortune, Uchenna and Joyce went on to win the race.

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To take this a step further Joyce rembered that in S5 the good fortune fastforward was a head shaving... and she kept saying i know it i know it

Season 7 in Argentina, just before the meat RB, Patrick and Susan are driving towards the location and they comment on how hungry they are and Patrick says something like: " I hope we can get something to eat".


--- Quote from: bwils927 on January 13, 2013, 12:04:14 PM ---S10 E1
someone coming out of the airport says something along the lines of "I'm really hungry". Moments later we find out the next task is an eating roadblock

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That someone was Dustin. Then when they found out they had to eat fish eyeballs, she looked at Kandice as was like "YOU!"  :snics:

Lyn (or Karlyn) say that 'I hope this is a non-elimination leg' in India so that David & Mary survive the leg, and it is!

Dan and Jordan were shown throwing a football in the intro.
The finsih line was a football stadium, where they won (sadly).


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