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Foreshadowing in The Amazing Race

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This thread is about examples of foreshadowing from past seasons. Foreshadowing is when an event is shown or indicated beforehand. This could be something someone says that foreshadows an elimination or something minor like a task. Post examples of foreshadowing that you remember from the race.

S10 E1
someone coming out of the airport says something along the lines of "I'm really hungry". Moments later we find out the next task is an eating roadblock

Also. When the clue to the Meridian Gate reveals there will be a twist, Lauren says maybe the last team there will be eliminated. And that's what happened

Season 16, Episode 2:
Dan and Jordan are talking about how they really like the cowboys and they dont think they will last that long.
On the final leg, Dan and Jordan got into a major arguement with cowboys, and both teams were in the final 2.

Jet/Cord talk about how that could REALLY be their last leg on The Amazing Race , in the beginning of that Liecheinstein leg.

At the head shaving fast forward in season 7 on the information plaque it said that shaving of your head is to show gratitude for great fortune, Uchenna and Joyce went on to win the race.


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