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One cool little feature you might have noticed is the 'On This Day' section on the homepage. This automatically changes each day to reflect the current day, and there are 366 pages that can be displayed in this little section.

If you want to add in an event that occurred on a particular day, whether it's the date a show premiered, a contestant's birthday, or some other milestone, go to the relevant page in this form:

... where you substitute the date you want for the bit in bold.

Next you can add your relevant milestone in this format:

* 2008 - [[The Amazing Race 13]] premiered

... where the year is the year that the event took place, and a short description of the event after the dash.

I've already added in every Amazing Race start date, end date, premiere date and finale date (and Phil's birthday!), but we could always do with some more milestones :)


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