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Longer season???? OMG?!?! Now my house really won't get cleaned all summer! LOL!  :lolmao:

I would love to see more houseguests. That's awesome!

Big Brother 15: More House Guests Than Ever

Written by    Ed B.    MAY 1, 2013 in    Big Brother    with    0 Comments

With just a little over a month to go until we are all encapsulated in our summer addiction The Talk and Big Brother host Julie Chen hinted this morning that Big Brother 15 will have more house guests than ever.

“Big Brother is getting even bigger this summer, which means we need you,” Julie said. “We need more house guests than ever.”

Julie went on to remind all Big Brother addicts that we are getting a longer season, two extra weeks to be exact.  Now the question remains are we really going to see the house full with the most house-guests ever or are we going to see sixteen like we did in Big Brother seasons 9 and 14?

Julie also reminded viewers that it’s not too late to apply to become one of the Season 15 HGs.

Big Brother 15 is scheduled to premiere June 26. That’s just over a month away!  Have you started stocking your Big Brother cave with everything you will need to make it through the summer?

I was on the CBS last week and managed to take a peak around the outside of the Big Brother house, so here are few pics to tide you over.

click link to see pics ►

Just 55 days to go until the premiere!

I'm predicting 18 houseguests! 9 guys and 9 girls. Three double evictions during the season.

OK I'll take a jab at it! :lol3:

I say teams yet again and one from each team will be evicted on the first live night and then be held up in sequester

then they can have up to 20 peeps one team to be an immediate have not so that's 5 peeps in the have not room leaving 14 people to sleep in regular beds and 1 HOH

 So it's 4 teams of 5 and 4 going out the door  leaving 16 peeps  4 of which will be have nots by the end of the live eviction show :iok


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