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Big Brother 15: longer season, earlier debut, new schedule

Big Brother 15 will break from tradition and debut two weeks earlier than usual, on June 26 at 9 p.m. That gives the series a longer edition this summer, CBS said, and it will presumably end, as usual, in mid-September, when Survivor debuts.

CBS announced that this morning along with a new schedule for the show: It will now air Tuesdays at 9, Wednesdays at 9, and Sundays at 8. The Wednesday episode will be live evictions, and will move to 8 p.m. on July 17, following the conclusion of its version of he Great British Bake Off.

Big Brother received an early renewal for the series last fall; despite a drop-off in viewers year to year, it remains a success for the network.

Since they are adding two extra weeks to this coming season, I smell a larger cast and fingers crossed, a new house! I am tired of the same floor plan every year but with new decor. They need to demolish the house and re-built a new one.

LONG??  :groan: geesh!! More  hours for me I guess!  :iok

I agree with you Will hope they have a better house.. but not sure if it can be any bigger f a cast than last year. Hopefully more entertaining.

A house without ants would be good.  :lol3:

Longer season = Less work for me. LOL, and now that my sister has her new laptop I can broadcast live feeds for my TV.



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