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--- Quote from: Coolio! on March 23, 2013, 07:47:40 AM ---
--- Quote from: Joab on March 22, 2013, 02:53:49 AM ---And according to spoilers, Julia gets MEDIVAC??? and Corrine is our next boot in 13th place. :gaah: :'(

--- End quote ---
Won't Corrine go home in 12th if Julia is voted out/medivaced before her? Hopefully that means she makes Jury. ???

--- End quote ---

Corinne gets voted out first. Julia gets medivac post merge.

I am also not so sure. I am hoping and praying spoilers are terribly wrong. I want CORINNE ON JURY!!!!!!!!!!!!

12: Corinne?
11-7: Reynold, Michael, Phillip, Malcolm, Andrea
6-4: Eddie, Erik, Brenda
Final 3: Cochran, Sherri, Dawn

Let's just say Corinne is supposed to be 12th and not Brandon... then this might still hold true, where we shall know next week!

Almost everyone has Corrine set to go next AND missing JURY. <//////////////////////////3



Glamazon Racer:
Well if she goes next, they better put her on the jury. I will be furious if she isn't there.

When I originally saw the spoiler list, I thought maybe Dawn, Cochran and Sherri were gonna end up on the same tribe after a swap and form a super awesome alliance together, but that didn't happen. Either way, if the spoilers ARE true, then it will probably mean a few blindsides which will be good, and if the spoilers AREN'T true, then maybe hopefully we can get one or two better people to the end. (even though I like all of those three, there are many others I prefer)

Looking at this supposed boot list I still have no idea what's going to go down... should make for an interesting last few episodes :popcorn:

Oh and is there still spec about a medvac after Corrine and Julia got booted?


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