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Did fans reset their DVRs? CBS’ Survivor ratings increased slightly for the show’s second episode of the season.
TV show viewership typically dips the week after a show’s premiere. But last night’s Survivor made slight gains among its total audience and the 18-49 demo compared to last week’s two-hour opener. Previously, I suggested Survivor‘s ratings downtrend over the years may have been hastened by CBS taking the unusual step of changing the show’s official title for every cycle (so fans with DVRs need to remember to re-program the show twice a year unlike with most other returning shows), a theory that received some pickup.
The rest of CBS’ lineup had notable movements too — both good and bad. Criminal Minds was down a tick from its last original episode two weeks ago to tie its series-low ratings, but CSI rebounded 21 percent from last week’s low.
Otherwise, Wednesday night looked a lot like last week. Survivor‘s big rival, Fox’s American Idol, was down 5 percent and topped the chart. NBC’s lineup struggled. ABC’s comedy block mostly improved slightly.

9.444 million viewers.


Whoo Boy!!

Brandon banned from the reunion show? Russell threatening Phillip?


So much drama </3 can't we ban them all?


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