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This is the place!  :wohoo:

Don't know where to post this. Just an info.

Bikal and Gota (the two tribe names) are places in Caramoan. Gota is the name of the Village resort where Survivor shoots and BIkal I think is a name of a municipality in Caramoan.

Awesome news for Australian viewers of Survivor.

Nine will be airing Survivor: Caramoan on Thursdays at 7:30 on Nine's sister channel "GO!". The first episode will air on Valentines day (14/2 :hrt:).

By comparison Survivor is usually aired in a late night time-slot often months behind US airings. (I believe Survivor Philippines finale aired last Tuesday (29/1)

The move will see 9 follow 10 who have a similar arrangement with American Idol 12 (who air the show on their main Channel) and will put pressure on 7 to fast track TAR22.


Glamazon Racer:
That's great news for Australia - it is airing 7.5 - 9.5 hours after the US (depending on daylight savings) which is brilliant!  :hoot: :hoot:

Not sure if this was posted:

Two former Survivors rejected invites to return

Two Survivor cast members rejected invitations to return to Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites: Survivor Redemption Island’s Matt Elrod, and Survivor Samoa’s Shannon “Shambo” Waters.

Here’s what Jeff Probst told EW:

“There’s two people we wanted back. Matt from Redemption Island we would have been interested in, but he is just done with it. I think it was enough for him. And Shambo has basically said, ‘I never want to do it again.’ We would have loved her as well. But in both cases I think their story is similar in that they don’t want Survivor to define their life and they feel like once was enough. And that’s it.”
Matt, who you may recall for his devout religiosity or his absurd streak of Redemption Island challenges, makes sense as both a personality and player, since he was voted out of the game twice. Considering that a significant number of this season’s returnees/”favorites” are most notable for their personalities, Shambo makes sense.

Probst says the reason they chose Malcolm Freberg and not Lisa Whelchel to return from the most recent season was because Lisa has children, and single type-A men are much more free to play in Probst’s playground. He said,

“Lisa isn’t somebody you would bring back right off the bat. She’s a mom with a personal life. Malcolm is a single guy with no attachments.”


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