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S26: Shamar Thomas (Gota)

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he flipped at Matt and Julia for absolutely no reason.

Dunkle Schoko:
I think Shamar has some issues going on and the survivor environment perhaps was not the right place for him to be dealing with them.

I agree. Mike Chiesl didn't have any problem whatsoever, and was well respected. Shamar could have PTSD, maybe he saw unimaginable things go on while in Iraq, or he could just be a mental case and naturally bad tempered.

Dunkle Schoko:
If you survive 39 days on an island with little food, harsh weather conditions, constantly watching your back, plotting AND at the same time having to deal with diverse personalities that include Shamar, Brandon and Philip... you fully deserve the million dollars. But at least you get to spend many of those days with Brenda gracefully gliding around  :hrt:

And Andrea!


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