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S26: John Cochran (Bikal)

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ew why

He better not be as awkward as the first time around :|

Not predicting or what. But he's going to be a pre-jury this time round for sure. :lol3:

If he made it to the jury, I'm going to have a change in opinion in him for sure. But I think not.

From what I've learnt, I guess his gameplay this time is totally different from that in S23.

Haven't watch this guy from previous season (thanks to CBS deleting all my fav utube channels :res: )

But from the introductory video above, he said he didn't have much to offer on the table whereas most people kinda eager to show off what they are (especially the fans - for obvious reason :P ), and he also confess that he disappoint his fans from not being what he promised the last time around, so.. I do hope that he can change and be a 'new me' just like he said, should he remain the same character, oh well, you know what to expect :lol:


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